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The End is Near

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You probably saw the title of this article and assumed I was talking about the bull market, and that may be the case too, but it’s actually in reference to my weekly market analysis provided through Sigma Point Capital. Today will be the last article that goes out, at least for a while. I’m sure this comes as a big surprise, and you probably have many questions, so please allow me to explain.

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The Best Place to Hide

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I want to begin today with a look at ACWI - the All-Country World Index ETF, which you can see in the top panel below. This ETF tracks the MSCI benchmark and provides exposure to large and mid-cap companies across 23 developed markets and 24 emerging markets. Approximately 85% of investable global equities are included in this index.

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Corrections vs. Bear Markets


Anyone who's been around for longer than a couple of decades knows that stocks can lose a lot of value quickly. These periods, when stock prices are falling, can be classified into two types of declines: corrections, and bear markets. Understanding the difference between these is critical, because the former represent minor speed bumps on the way to higher prices, while the latter can wreck your entire portfolio and set you back years from reaching your retirement goals.

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