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Repatriation: No Matter What, Investors Win

With tax reform now a done deal, investors and analysts alike are scouring over what the new policies will mean, and what companies will do with all this newfound wealth. One of the major changes now allows companies to bring back the cash they've been holding overseas at a lower tax rate of 15.5%.

This process, dubbed repatriation, could have a huge impact on the bottom lines of companies. Recent estimates by Goldman Sachs suggest that American companies may be sitting on nearly a trillion dollars of overseas cash. Other estimates put that figure as high as $2.5 trillion.

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Binary Event Conflicts Don’t Sink Stock Markets, But This Could

I was originally going to publish the latest article in our option series today, wrapping up our discussion on getting paid to buy stocks, but the market reaction to North Korea seems more pressing, so we'll discuss that instead.

When most people think about potential events that could derail financial markets quickly, war seems to be near the top of that list. But counterintuitively, the prospect of war is not necessarily bad for stocks. In order to appreciate this, we need to take a look at how some prior conflicts have unfolded.

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Getting Paid to Buy Stocks

On the last trading day of the month, stocks in the U.S. put in a mixed performance. The Industrials closed in the green by 60 points, notching a new record high that leaves the index just over a hundred points below the 22,000 mark. The Transports did not keep pace and fell 0.48%, about the same as the Nasdaq, which ended the day down 0.42%. Overall, the S&P 500 was down 0.07%.

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It Doesn’t Pay to be a Pessimist

Sound familiar?

For many of us, myself included, the desire to become a sophisticated and successful investor quickly leads into the world of economics and geopolitics. As we learn more about the world around us, it becomes evident just how many dangers lurk around each corner, threatening to shock the global economy and extinguish massive amounts of wealth.

In some cases, the naïve investor who doesn't pay attention to any of this is actually better off than those of us who do. That's because the more you learn about the precarious state of global economies, the more reluctant you become to invest.

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The Character of the Market is Changing

Not too many people remember the second week of August, 2007, but for others, that week will be forever etched in their minds. And in many ways, it should be etched in yours as well.

During that infamous week, we witnessed an event that would later come to be known as the 2007 Quant Meltdown. While the events that unfolded took place in a relatively small pocket of the financial market, their effects would have consequences for all investors.

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