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Sigma Point Capital - Market Analysis ($199/yr)

Stay on top of the markets and economy through insightful research provided by Matt Kerkhoff, Sigma Point’s founder and Chief Strategist.

  • Weekly commentary about stock, bond, currency, and derivative markets
  • Assessment of the Primary Trend and key inflection points
  • General recommendations regarding portfolio allocations
  • Key insights from a lifelong "student of the markets"
  • Collaborative approach: Ask questions, get answers

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Model Investing

Sigma Point is in the process of formalizing a governance structure designed to oversee the operation of managed accounts. In the meantime, we invite you to explore our partner site, Model Investing »

Model Investing provides access to a series of investment models that dynamically adjust to market conditions. Optimal portfolio allocations are provided at the beginning of each month, and clients are encouraged to implement the recommended allocations in their own accounts.

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Reduce Overall Risk

Risk is inherent with all investments, but it can be limited through the implementation of specific asset allocation strategies and risk-management techniques.

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Capture Excess Returns

Excess returns are those that exceed what one would achieve through general exposure to the market. We employ a variety of factors to achieve market beating returns.

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Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns

The combination of lower risk and higher excess returns leads to enhanced risk-adjusted returns, which is the Holy Grail of Investing. It represents more efficient deployment of capital.

Our Approach:

Macroeconomic Picture

Viewed through the lens of corporate profits, we place a strong emphasis on leading economic indicators and identifying turning points in the economy.

The Market’s Story

Listen closely, and the market will reveal itself through the story of price action. We focus on Primary Trend identification using elements of Dow Theory and technical analysis.

Factor Investing

Factors are historically persistent drivers of returns, within and across asset classes, that can be added to traditional portfolios to enhance returns.

Behavioral Finance

A sub-field of behavioral economics, behavioral finance proposes psychology-based explanations for stock market behavior.

A Nod to Tactical Asset Allocation:

For decades, the investment community has operated under an investment philosophy known as Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA). Also known as buy-and-hold, this approach uses AGE as the primary dependency around which a portfolio is built.

But changes in the nature and volatility of financial markets have rendered that approach to investing both dangerous and outdated. Modern investing now revolves around Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA), where portfolios are constructed based on the future expected performance of various asset classes.

Age is still a factor, but now age is factored into a portfolio in a completely different way.

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